Top 5 the wild features

29th Oct, 2022

Top 5 the wild features

The Minecraft 1.19 Update was unveiled at the Minecraft Live 2021 event yesterday. The update was called “The Wild Update”, as it makes major changes to swamp biomes.

Although the release date is not known, it will be available in 2022. They also revealed that Minecraft version 1.18 was almost complete and will be releasing it within a month.

Best Minecraft 1.19 Update Features

5) A new type of wood and tree

Mangrove trees are becoming more popular in the game. You can grow them using propagules. These saplings are the first to be able to grow both below the surface and above it. Mangrove wood will be available in a variety of craftable items, such as trapdoors.

4) Deep dark city

During Minecraft Live 2021, a city from ancient times that produces underground energy, in particular deep dark caves, were displayed. It featured tall walls and pillars made from deep slate blocks.

There were also multiple loot chests located near the center. Also, there were many sculk blocks everywhere. Multiple enchanted books were contained in the loot chest.

3) Sculk blocks

With the 1.19 update, two new sculk block will be added to this game. Deep dark caves are home to sculk shriekers and sculk catalysts. Cave biome sculk growth is caused by the sculk catalyst.

Sculk can grow on the blocks of a mob that has died close to it if the mob is killed. The sculk shrieker sculk block is unique in that it makes a distinctive shrieking sound. The sound of the shrieking noise can be heard summoning the warden if activated too often.

2) Two new mobs

Developers will be adding several new mobs to the swamp biome. After the update, the swamp will be home to tadpoles and frogs as well as fireflies.

The deep dark caves will house the warden. Allay, who won the mob vote will be included in the game and will be very helpful to the players.

1) Swamp changes

As of version 1.17, swamp is the most boring biome in the game. The swamp biome will be updated by the developers to make it more enjoyable for players.

Mangrove swamp, a new type of swamp, will be also added. It will feature mangrove trees, as Minecrafters can see from the name. There will also be mud blocks.