Text formatting in Minecraft

9th Nov, 2022

Text formatting in Minecraft

Many Minecraft players will have seen that text can be changed using color and formatting options such as bold and italics.

Minecraft players can add uniqueness to text on books, quill items, or even the message of a server by using formatting codes.

Modifying text using formatting codes is a bit different between Java Editions and Bedrock Editions. The options are all the same.

These text options can be displayed in different languages to allow players to customize their experience.

Because normal text might not grab the attention of a player, formatting codes are extremely useful in Minecraft.

Highlighting important text can help to convey the correct information in a written context. A player can draw their attention and keep it there by using formatting codes to modify the color or formatting in-game text. The writer will direct the player's attention to what they want them to read.

This formatted text can be used to modify in-game entities as well as aspects of a server. Formatting codes can be used to modify the title and description of a server, similar to the body text in a book or sign. This can be used to draw attention to a particular server or to distinguish it so that players can find it easily.

These changes might not be suitable for everyone. Some people consider changing the color or formatting of text in-game to be excessive. Every improvement in presentation is important in a world with so many Minecraft servers being created every day.