Rarest encounters in Minecraft dungeons

30th Nov, 2022

Rarest encounters in Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is an online game where players must aim for rare events and collect better loot to build their castle.

It is not easy to find or experience certain items and occurrences within Minecraft Dungeons. These items and occurrences are not impossible to find or experience, but it isn't stopping hardcore Minecraft Dungeons players. However, this can be a time-consuming endeavor that only those who really want to achieve the impossible in the dungeon crawler game.

There are some tasks and items that are more difficult to get and complete than others. Below, Minecraft Dungeons gamers can discover the most rare aspects of the game.

Minecraft Dungeons – Rarest Items and Instances

5) Items gilded

Gilded quality items can be acquired through Ancient Mobs or the Piglin Merchant. They come with one random built-in enchantment. They are not easy to find, but you can purchase gilded quality items from the Piglin merchant for less than gold.

Items gilded with rare or unusual items can have a different rarity. This makes them more visible in Minecraft Dungeons.

4) Unique gear

The best way to round out a build is with unique gear. They are difficult to find due to their incredible stats and abilities. These items often have special attributes or natural magical enchantments that are unique to the item.

There are currently 52 unique melee weapon designs, 44 unique ranged weapons and 36 unique armor sets. Minecraft Dungeons also has one unique artifact. This list could grow as Seasonal Adventures continue to improve the game.

3) High-tier Adventure Pass unlocks

The Adventure Pass function was added to Minecraft Dungeons' Seasonal Adventures, which allows players to unlock tiers and rewards while they play the game.

The Adventure Pass has 50 tiers, known as Cloudy Climb. It is difficult to progress through these tiers. The Adventure Pass items are limited in time, and Mojang has yet to reveal if cosmetics from Seasonal Adventures will be available in future seasons.

Adventure Pass unlocks are time-limited and highly sought after, even though players may not have enough time to complete all tiers in a season.

2) Event exclusive items

Some items in Minecraft Dungeons are only available during special events like Spookier Fall and the game's Anniversary event. These items are cosmetic and don't offer any in-game advantages, but they are highly sought-after by Minecraft Dungeons users.

These items may not continue to be available if events happen during the game's tenure. Keep this in mind when you are looking for event cosmetics. It's possible that it might reappear at any time.

1) Curious/Ender armor

Curious/Ender Armor is a unique armor version of Guard's Armor that can be found in Minecraft Dungeons. It is technically only available to Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. It is possible to get it in Arcade using the game's cards, or by random dispensation if you lose. However, the armor set is not available within Minecraft Dungeons.

The armor is not fully integrated into the final release of Minecraft Dungeons. It is still available to Minecraft Dungeons players who are skilled in manipulating the game.

Mods and third-party programs can be used to modify the Minecraft Dungeons' operation and create the armor. The item's ability allows for a 5% chance of teleporting the player if they are hit. This ability appears to be tied in with the ID of the item, as shown in the game files under “Coward's Armor”.

This armor set is difficult to find without some outside help and knowledge.