MInecrafts best food : The enchanted golden apple

10th Dec, 2022

MInecrafts best food : The enchanted golden apple

Minecraft offers a wide variety of items. With each update, new items are added. The Enchanted Golden Apples are an exclusive variant of the apple that offers a few unique status effects.

After eating one, the player's hunger point are restored to four points (two drumsticks). While fewer food items can restore hunger points, the status effects activated with an enchanted gold apple will restore much more health points.

It is rare!

Enchanted golden apples cannot be crafted, unlike normal golden apples. There are very few chances that you will find enchanted gold apples. They only have access to loot chests from desert temples (2.6%), mineshafts (1.4%), woodland mansions (3.1%), ruined portals (1.5%), bastion remnants (6.5%).

One enchanted golden Apple can only generate loot chests for these structures. The probability of finding one is identical for Java Edition and Bedrock.

Bastions are the best places to search for an enchanted gold apple because they have the highest chance. Players should be aware that only bastions' treasure chests can contain an enchanted gold apple.

The treasure rooms contain treasure chests. This room can be identified easily because it contains many bridges suspended above the lava floor and a magma cube at its bottom.

Comparing the rarity of enchanted gold apples with other rare items

The 'Epic rarity tier' includes enchanted golden apples and Minecraft. This is the highest rarity level, and blocks that are not available in survival mode (e.g. the structure block) fall under this category.

The Dragon Egg is also included in the same tier. However, it is more rare than the enchanted gold apple because only one dragon egg can be generated in each world.

The benefits of eating an enchanted, golden apple

Four different status effects can be activated when a player eats an Enchanted Golden Apple: Absorption IV and Regeneration II, Fire Resistance and Resistance.

Fire Resistance and Resistance last for five minutes each, while Absorption lasts two minutes. Regeneration lasts 20 seconds in Java Edition, and 30 seconds for Bedrock Edition.

Absorption provides 16 absorption health points (eight golden hearts). Regeneration is also able to heal up 16 health points in Java Edition, and 50 in Bedrock. These effects are very beneficial when the player is close to death.