Minecraft temple seeds

18th Dec, 2022

Minecraft temple seeds

In Minecraft, temples are natural-generated structures. You can find valuable loot in them such as diamonds, emeralds and saddles.

In Minecraft, temples are defined as desert pyramids and jungle pyramids. Because players can use the command “/locate temple” to locate them, this is possible. Temples can also be named for ocean monuments or woodland mansions, although they are not listed as such in-game.

It can be hard to find temples in Minecraft. However, there are some tricks players can use to make it easier. This can be done by using a custom world seed.

5 best Minecraft 1.17 seeds for Temples

5) Desert pyramid

This Minecraft seed will launch the player in a desert biome. Players will spawn south of a desert pyramid where they should find good loot.

You can also find a desert settlement not far from the spawn point. This village is an excellent source of food, as well as other resources that are necessary for in-game survival.

Seed: 188110827056045

Version: Java Edition

4) Jungle temple, bamboo jungle

This seed will spawn Minecraft players in a forest. They should be able find parrots and cocoa beans in this biome (16,722,272). This seed's spawn point is also close to a biome of bamboo jungles.

Seed: 1000

Version: Java Edition

3) Woodland mansion, village

The coordinates (488., 1832), are where players can locate a woodland mansion from which they can collect a variety mobs and loot. There is also a village near the mansion.

Seed: 28394549419529641

Version: Java Edition

2) Jungle temple and wooded mountain

This seed will spawn players in a vast jungle biome. The jungle biome is full of tall trees and stealthy Ocelots. Those who reach the coordinates 56, 74, 328 will find a jungle temple. A biome of wooded mountains is also close to the spawn.

Seed: 9144

Version: Bedrock Edition

1) Ocean monument and shipwreck

This Minecraft seed launches players on a small island within a deep-ocean biome. You can head north to locate an ocean monument or you can go east to find a shipwreck.

Seed: 101

Version: Java Edition