Minecraft Cannoning servers?

8th Jan, 2023

Minecraft Cannoning servers?

What are Cannoning servers? In Minecraft Cannoning servers are closely related to Factions servers. In fact most of Factions players probably at least once joined Cannoning server or they're also playing Cannoning to test their cannons.

Factions gamemode revolves around raiding which is usually done with TNT. But in order to raid another Faction you need good and working TNT cannon. Setting up cannons can be painful and time consuming, testing even more so.

That's where Cannoning servers come in. On Cannoning servers all TNT mechanics are exactly the same as on Factions server, but players usually get their plots and creative mode, which greatly helps with building cannons.

Furthermore some Cannoning servers would even enable plugins such as printer and schemantica which allow players to build and test cannons even faster. A good Cannoning server would also have special features like protection blocks and tools for debugging cannons.