Guide to surviving the End cities

13th Jan, 2023

Guide to surviving the End cities

End cities are the last of Minecraft's naturally-generated structures that can be conquered. They are only accessible after you defeat the Ender Dragon. These structures can hold all kinds of valuable loot, including the Elytra. There are many dangers when raiding End cities.

An end portal is created near the main island's edge after players defeat the Ender Dragon. This allows players to explore the Rest of the End realm. They may discover mysterious floating structures known as End cities. These structures house the most rare and valuable loot, but they are protected from hostile mobs made up of shulkers.

Things to Have

End cities are the most rare structures in the game. This is because they require players to travel many blocks to find them. You will need to have Ender pearls, Enchanted ranged weapon (Bow and Arrow and Trident), full enchanted Diamond/Netherite armour, stacks of good food and a water bucket.

How to defeat shulkers

Players will encounter shulkers when they attempt to raid an End city. These immovable mobs are attached to the structure's walls and guard it. They attack players who approach them.

They are protected by protective shells. When they attack, they can open their shells to fire shulker bullets. These bullets create a status effect that allows players to slowly float upwards by causing them to become levitated. Players keep being hit with these bullets and the effect will continue, causing them to continue levitating upwards.

Players can use ender pearls to stop them teleporting back or destroy any bullets using melee weapons. To stop players from falling further, they can place themselves under a block. After the effect wears off, players can use a water bucket for fall protection.

A shulker can be attacked with either a ranged weapon to kill them without being provoked or a melee weapon if they are fully open.

Loot in End Cities

End cities can be filled with valuable loot such as diamonds and enchanted weapons, armor, and weapons, and saddles. You can also find shells left by dead shulkers to make shulker boxes. These are great for organizing items.

Players who find a floating vessel along with the city may be lucky to find the rare Elytra. Two chest loots will be found in the treasure room, along with one item frame that has Elytra.