Best items for beginners to carry

18th Jan, 2023

Best items for beginners to carry

There are many items and blocks in Minecraft. Most of them can be found in survival mode.

Some of these items are extremely useful for survival beginners. This article will not include all tools, weapons, armor, or resources such as diamonds. It only discusses the most important items for survival novices.

5) Lead

Lead, a craftable item, can be used to attach animals to other mobs. This can come in handy when moving animals around.

You can make lead with four strings and one slimeball. It can also be obtained from the loot boxes of woodland mansions or buried treasures.

4) Boat

The boat is a great option for water transportation. They can travel at a decent speed and can be used as long as they want, provided it doesn't break. You can make it using five planks made of any kind of wood.

3) Lava bucket

Many players forget that lava can be used as a fuel item in the game. A bucket of lava can keep your furnace burning for up to a thousand seconds. This is far more than any other item in the game. Players can get a lava bucket by placing an empty bucket over a source of lava.

2) Water bucket

In many situations, a bucket of water is helpful. It can also be used to transform lava sources into obsidian bricks. It can also be used to help players jump from high places without falling.

Water can also be used as a weapon to repel hostile mobs or escape them.

1) Shield

Iron ingots or planks are all you need to make shields. This can prove very useful in situations when the player is being attacked or beaten by mobs. Shields can be used to avoid unexpected creeper explosions and damage if one is quick enough.